About Me

Name is Erica. Music saved my life way too many times. I decided to make a blog where i plan to put lyrics to pictures of my favorite artists (see listed loves below) Music to me is one universal thing we all share. And if feelings get rooted enough in a song, I will listen to it for days. I hope some of the things I share will hit other people the same way it hit me and got me from a pitch black place, to now a semi dim place. Any requests/questions/venting msg me here or at my listed social networks below.

Favorite Artists

Wayyy too many to list, but as of late these are the people keeping me alive. Eyedea, Kristoff Krane, Aesop Rock, Grieves, Eligh, Heiruspecs, Cage, Mac Lethal, Sadistik, Abilities, P.O.S.

Socail Outreaches

Skype : EricaMarie2020

Life is rough and scary sometimes, don't ever feel like you are alone because you aren't. If you feel like no one is there for you, I am. Message me if you need to vent, or talk, or anything.